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Retro Art Socks


fire sale sold in last hours
fire sale sold in last hours

 WAS $59.99 - NOW $14.97! SHOW OFF YOUR LOVE FOR ART! Do you love...

Color: Starry Nights

  • Starry Nights
  • Mona Lisa
  • The Great Wave
  • The Scream
  • Raphael's Angel
  • The Birth of Venus
  • George Washington
  • Statue of Liberty
  • Luncheon on the Grass
  • Pasttime
  • The Kiss
  • Michelangelo's David
  • Race Horses
  • Girl With Pearl Earring
  • Cleopatra
  • Mona Lisa 2
  • Cleopatra 2
  • Starry Nights 2
  • Goya


  • One Size

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 WAS $59.99 - NOW $14.97!


Do you love wearing cool socks? Socks in general? Are you a fan of classical art pieces?

Our Retro Art Socks are perfect for you. They are a mix of everything that you love, and they will make your feet just as happy as they make you. From Mona Lisa to Starry Nights, Retro Art Socks are a huge hit! 

Celebrate your favorite works of art with the latest style trend - socks! Combine your love of fashion and art with these unique, timeless Retro Art Socks.

Show your appreciation for excellent art that will have everyone wow-ing - from fashionistas to the art aficionados, our Retro Art Socks are guaranteed to be a conversation starter.

Developed using innovative knitting methods that capture every intricate detail of these famous paintings, they will no longer be confined inside a museum. Take these classical works of art wherever you go!

It’s the perfect thing for art enthusiasts! Timeless masterpieces in these carefully curated collection of Retro Art Socks. 


  • Crafted with high-quality cotton materials
  • Comfortable, soft fit conforms to your feet
  • Standard thickness
  • One size
  • Makes for the perfect gift!

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Starry nights, Mona lisa, The great wave, The scream, Raphael's angel, The birth of venus, George washington, Statue of liberty, Luncheon on the grass, Pasttime, The kiss, Michelangelo's david, Race horses, Girl with pearl earring, Cleopatra, Mona lisa 2, Cleopatra 2, Starry nights 2, Goya


One size



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