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NicoDull™ Anti-Smoking Patches (35 Pack)


fire sale sold in last hours
fire sale sold in last hours

 QUIT SMOKING ONE DAY AT A TIME!  Are you finding it difficult...

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Are you finding it difficult to quit smoking?


If your answer is yes, then our NicoDull Anti-Smoking Patches are perfect for you! These patches will safely – and EFFECTIVELY – allow your body to easily reject smoking!


Our NicoDull Anti-Smoking Patches work by percutaneous delayed release absorption technology. Nicotine, as well as a variety of other substances, are absorbed into the skin. In smokers, the nicotine alleviates withdrawal responses caused by smoking and detoxification, calms your nerves and refreshes your body.


Research results show that the most effective way to quit smoking is by using nicotine patches. Through the continuous uses of smoking cessation patches, you will be alleviated of the physical and psychological dependence of the addiction. Gradually, you will quit smoking and our NicoDull Anti-Smoking Patches will save you a lifetime of pain and harm.


How to use:

  1. Clean and dry your skin
  2. Remove the anti-adhesive protection membrane
  3. Paste the patch on the cleaned upper parts of the body – such as your arms or hips
  4. Attach the anti-smoke patches each morning after getting up
  5. Use in the daytime and remove at night
  6. Renew patches after 4 hours of use   


  • Use it for about 3 days as the initial dosage, decrease the dosage gradually when the situation is stable, stop using when your tobacco addiction is gone  

*Each individual and their bodies are different. Use-based on your personal circumstances
*Feeling an itch is normal


Ingredients: natural tobacco extract, licorice, clove, menthol, citric acid, hops



  • 35 patches per pack
  • Safe
  • Effective
  • Makes for the perfect gift!
  • Online EXCLUSIVE, NOT sold in stores

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