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HairOff® Pain-Free Hair Removal Cream


fire sale sold in last hours
fire sale sold in last hours

 WAS $19.99 - NOW FREE! - Just Pay Shipping REMOVE HAIR PAINLESSLY! Are you tired of...

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 WAS $19.99 - NOW FREE! - Just Pay Shipping


Are you tired of shaving? The pain of waxing? Have you spent thousands of dollars on laser hair removal?

Our HAIR REMOVAL CREAM is perfect for you. This cream not only painlessly banishes unwanted body hair, but also moisturizes and soothes your skin. Our easy-to-use cream makes hair removal simple, quick, and complication-free!

Easily remove hair from your arms, legs, underarms, chest, bikini lines, & more!

Take control of your unwanted hair! Made with moisturizing ingredients, our Bare Hair Removal Cream acts to nourish and replenish your skin. It also prevents from any irritation and has been rated the most safe and popular online hair removal cream! 

It is super easy to use. Gently apply the cream allowing a quick penetration into the hair follicles, resulting in faster hair removal and tightening of the pores. It also reduces your hair growth rate!

  • Ingredients

Aqua, petrolatum, urea, calcium thioglycolate, cetearyl alcohol, mineral oil, tocopherol acetate, sodium hydroxide, stearyl alcohol polyether-2 & 21, butyl hydroxypropyl phenyl ester, allantoin, hydroxybenzyl ester, propylene glycol, parfum 

  • How to Use:


1) Apply the cream to the surface area and leave to 'dry' for about 5-6 minutes. 

2) Use scraper (provided) to gently remove hair.

3) Re-apply the cream to skin where hair has not been removed.

4) Repeat process until satisfied with the results!



  • Dermatologist Approved!
  • No more cuts from razors  
  • No more irritation and redness from waxing
  • A MUCH cheaper alternative to laser hair removal
  • EXCLUSIVE product, NOT sold in stores!
  • Only available for a limited time
  • Completely safe and tested

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